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Our people



The employees of our company form one of our most powerful strategic resources. Acknowledging their crucial contribution to the achievement of our long-term objectives, ECOFARM PELOPONNESE places due focus on all issues relating to its manpower. 

With faith in our human resources sector, we invest in the success of our people and their strong position in the market as well. Having full awareness of the importance of our human resources, we are looking for skilled exetutives and support their ongoing and multifaceted development.


Our objectives

  • To create an organisation that will offer stability, satisfaction and reward, but also inspiration and long-term perspective for its employees.
  • To constantly enrich our workforce with new notable and dynamic members from the labour market.
  • To create a high quality working environment for each and every one of our employees.
  • To invest in the ongoing personal and professional development of our staff.
  • To establish a corporate culture of high performance and efficiency, through a meritocratic system providing remuneration, benefits and career opportunities. 


Our staff members on Ecofarm Peloponnese S.A.: 


Epaminondas Spyropoulos, President of the Board & CEO:

"The driving force behind the business conducted by our family and enterprises is our vision to place the Peloponnese and its people in the spotlight. We hope that Ecofarm Peloponnese will become a stable and reliable ambassador of the Peloponnesian land throughout the entire world ..."


Ioannis Spyropoulos,  Vice-President of the Board and Commercial Director: 

"Since 2001, Ecofarm has invested in long-term business relationships based on trust, honesty and respect of our partners. My foremost objective is to maintain and evolve that legacy ... “


Georgios Spyropoulos, Operational Manager: 

At Ecofarm Peloponnese we have created a team of young people with a high level of education and scientific training. Personally, I believe that the people in a company form its main productive resource and therefore we spend much effort in finding capable staff."


Dimitrios Kollias, Production Manager: 

The Company has one of the best equipped production units in Greece – yet the production of high quality dairy products requires, above all, people who enjoy and love what they are doing. That is the main reason why Ecofarm is able to offer such tasteful quality products."


Despina Manou, Food Safety and Quality Manager:

The Product Safety and Quality policy of our company is, in my opinion, the main competitive advantage of the enterprise. The management doesn't compromise on such significant issues, and that is what makes it special!”


Georgios Thefanogiannis, Dairy Sector Manager: 

Our livestock farmers and their products are Ecofarma's animating force, and our stable relationship is what gives life to the company."